When does the draw take place?
The draw is scheduled to take place on 25th October 2021. If all tickets are sold earlier we may hold the draw at an earlier date.

Can I attend the draw?
Under present Covid regulations it is unlikely that all purchasers will be able to attend the live draw event. However, we endeavour to hold a draw event where some people can attend. Also- the draw will be streamed and recorded and will available via our social media channels.

Will the camper be delivered to my home?
No- the winner of the camper van will be required to collect the camper van from Donaghey Motorhomes, Drumnahoe, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

How many tickets are for sale?
There are a total of 15,000 tickets available for sale.

I don’t have a credit / debit card. Is there another way to pay for a ticket?
Sadly no. As it’s an online draw a card is required. The promoter may choose to sell tickets offline but this will be at the discretion of the promoters.

After purchasing a ticket online, do you get a hard copy of the ticket in the post?
No, you will get a receipt to the email address or mobile number you imputed when purchasing the ticket.

Will the draw be independently observed?
Yes and the identity of the observer will be shared on the website prior to the date of the draw.

Can anybody drive the camper van or do I need a special licence?
This camper van has a weight of less than 3,500 Kg anybody with an ordinary B licence (car licence) can drive the camper van.

Which side of the camper van is the steering wheel on?
This is a normal Irish vehicle so the steering wheel is on the right hand side.